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Maintenance of your diesel or petrol vehicle


Do you want to take care of your vehicle over the long term? Maintain it regularly! Find in your Citroën service book all the services to be carried out, as well as the frequency applicable to each operation. The application of the manufacturer's warranty depends in part on the proper performance of these periodic reviews. 

To make your life easier, your maintenance log is going digital! The MyCitroën application is there to remind you of the dates of your service and make it easier for you.


As you know, regular maintenance of your vehicle can save you from breakdowns and other repair costs. Citroën thus offers you exclusive and advantageous service: manufacturer service, oil change, braking, air conditioning, etc. Be assured of good maintenance, the skills, know-how and technology of the Citroën network to take care of your car. according to its technical characteristics, while controlling your automotive budget thanks to fixed prices covering parts and labour. During the revisions, remember to fill in your maintenance book, which turns out to be a real asset in the event of the purchase of your vehicle.