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MyCitroën Mobile Application


MyCitroën is an app designed to help you get the most from your Citroën.  As well as giving you access to your vehicle handbook and video tutorials on particular features, you can also access information to help maximise your driving efficiency and get support with planning your next journey.​



MyCitroën can enhance your Citroën ownership experience by giving you easy access to your digital vehicle handbook and by linking you to video tutorials designed to help you get the most from a wide range of vehicle features.​

Click on the image to discover more.​

Keep scrolling down to learn how owners of plug in hybrid and fully electric vehicles will find MyCitroën especially useful. ​

Click on the tabs below to see how MyCitroën can help you in three key areas: 

Find my car

Can MyCitroën help me find my car?


MyCitroën can help you retrace your steps if you’ve parked in an unfamiliar area, or if you can’t spot your car in a busy car park… It’s happened to us all!

Help with journey planning​

How can MyCitroën help me save money on my journeys? ​


MyCitroën can analyse regular journeys using your fuel consumption and mileage, as well as the fuel prices you have paid.  Useful for understanding where you might make savings, across both private and business use.​


You can also use MyCitroën to plan your most efficient route and then send it to your car’s navigation system.  Click on the video in the image to find out how it works.​

Handbook & guides

How can MyCitroën help me better understand my car?​


In Vehicle Documentation you’ll find your vehicle handbook ready to download, plus a handy guide to all of the symbols and indicators on your dashboard.  You can also pinpoint information on particular features either by scrolling over an image of the car, or by using your smartphone camera in your car.​


Stay in the loop with your Citroën’s maintenance

With Digital Service Record you can view your Citroën’s servicing information and be notified of any upcoming maintenance work.


Simply download the MyCitroën app and activate your Digital Service Record by making an appointment with your local dealer.

Making a service booking ​

Can MyCitroën help me organise a service booking?  ​


Simple and practical, with MyCitroën you can request a quote or make an online booking at your local Citroën retailer.

Obtaining assistance & support

Can the app help me if I need roadside assistance?​


Whether it’s a flat tyre, you’ve lost your keys, or you’ve had a breakdown or accident go to the ASK FOR ASSISTANCE page in MyCitroën.  We’re ready to respond 24/7. ​