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Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision


Reinvented urban mobility

At Citroën, we want to make the city more flexible, pleasant and human. That's why we propose a new model for open-source, collective and shared mobility that truly offers mobility for all. This is the promise of Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision.


Citroën, accor and jcdecaux have come together to imagine the future of autonomous urban mobility for all

To put joy and usefulness back at the heart of urban transport, Citroën, Accor and JCDecaux have formed a visionary collective: The Urban Collëctif. This partnership has given rise to a brand new mobility concept we call The Citroën Skate. Consisting of one mobility technology platform combined with three different Pods offering new and dedicated services: Sofitel En Voyage, Pullman Power Fitness and JCDecaux City Provider.


High-end and exclusive service

Spectacular and statuesque, the Sofitel En Voyage Pod is an architectural parallelepiped of glass and marquetry, creating an intimate atmosphere while being fully open to the outside

A cosy and sophisticated space

Featuring automatic glazed sliding doors, the Pod would allow two to three passengers to sit comfortably on board together, with their luggage in a dedicated compartment. Everything is designed to deliver the personalised Sofitel service, with a bar that opens like a flower to the touch to offer drinks and snacks, a sound system, induction chargers and a configurable mood lighting.


A new way of exercising while on the move

The Pullman Power Fitness Pod is deliberately futuristic and avant-garde atmosphere perfectly illustrates the symbiosis between sport, music and light.

Deliberately futuristic atmosphere

The Pullman Power Fitness Pod is characterised by an unusual glass bubble incorporating dichroic patterns in the form of blinds, echoing Pullman’s graphic and colour conventions, along with iridescent shades of blue, purple, pink and green. The occupant’s privacy is therefore protected, while maintaining a view of the outside. True to Pullman’s hyperconnected spirit, a digital coach, appearing on a holographic screen, would encourage the user, all while providing route information and entertainment during a next-level cardio session. Exercising within the pod will would also be useful for charging The Citroën Skate’s batteries.


Innovative urban mobility, accessible to all

A true complementary service, between public and private transport, JCDecaux City Provider offers an innovative on-demand urban transport solution accessible to all users.

Timeless design offering comfort and space on board

The JCDecaux City Provider Pod has pure forms, a timeless and understated design offering comfort and space on board. Up to 5 people can travel in an open, welcoming and bright space providing excellent views of the city. Inside, passengers have grab bars to ensure safe travel and USB ports for charging all of their mobile devices. Two screens with interactive maps are provided, one facing outwards and the other inwards.


Onboard technology designed for inner-city travel

The Citroën Skate is an urban mobility solution able to travel around all urban centres in dedicated protected lanes to ensure fluid and optimised mobility. The Citroën Skate incorporates all of the intelligence and technology required for autonomous and electric travel: batteries, an electric engine, sensors, etc. Its top speed is limited to 25km/h or 5km/h to ensure the safety of all users depending on the area.


Innovation for even more comfort

To provide unparalleled driving comfort during travel, as well as to accommodate the Pods comfortably and without jolts, The Citroën Skate is fitted with movable hydraulic cushions. Citroën Advanced Comfort® logos provide a reminder that Citroën is synonymous with comfort, whatever the type of vehicle.


With the goodyear signature

The wheels, which are revolutionary in their concept and design, were devised and developed by Goodyear, who has already been a partner of Citroën for the spectacularly designed and extraordinarily dimensioned wheels on 19_19 Concept. For The Citroën Skate, Goodyear developed omnidirectional Eagle 360 wheels, comprised of spherical tyres feature the Goodyear ‘wingfoot’ and logo.


Moving towards infinite pods meeting a variety of uses

With The Citroën Skate technology, anything is possible thanks to its open-source approach, which allows any third party to develop a Pod compatible with the technical specifications of The Citroën Skate. Whatever their needs may be, local authorities, public officials and companies could benefit from The Citroën Skate technology by developing their own Pods for passenger transport, service or consumer goods offers, in public or private spaces such as airports, factories or convention centres. So in addition to the Pods designed with Accor and JCDecaux, other possibilities are therefore endlessly possible.