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A major partnership in cycling

For over 100 years, Citroën has built a fabulous story with its customers, contributing to their daily lives and mobility. In January 2021, alongside AG2R LA MONDIALE, Citroën became a co-partner and sponsor of Vincent Lavenu’s team. This partnership, with the new and unique signature “Roulons ensemble” (“Ride together”) conveys powerful messages. In 2022, Citroën renews the team's entire fleet.


A brand for the people

Since its creation, Citroën has always been a populist brand, close to the people. Cycling perfectly encapsulates this closeness: it appeals to a huge number of people, of all ages, in numerous countries around the world.

It's therefore a natural fit for Citroën to get involved with cycling.


A long-standing partner of vincent lavenu’s team

AG2R LA MONDIALE, formerly AG2R Prévoyance, has been working alongside Vincent Lavenu and his team for 23 years. By accepting Citroën as a co-partner, it is beginning a new chapter in the history of the team, which has been called AG2R CITROËN TEAM since January 2021.


A french team with an international dimension

The AG2R CITROËN TEAM is made up of 29 cyclists of nine different nationalities: 17 French, five Belgians, one Luxembourger, one Swiss, one Italian, one Finn, one Austrian, one Australian and one American.

It shares Citroën’s values – ​​of daring, performance and proximity – with its stakeholders and with cycling enthusiasts generally. The recent cementing of this partnership enables the team to begin a new stage in its development, participating in the biggest races on the World Tour.


A strong identity for the team

The creation of the AG2R CITROËN TEAM team's new graphic identity was a seminal moment in the collaboration between Citroën, AG2R LA MONDIALE and Vincent Lavenu’s team. The project took five months.

The design of the jersey was not limited to a juxtaposition of brands. It represented a real challenge for the three parties, who chose a strong and unique graphic design, certain to stand out among the peloton. It perfectly illustrates the partners’ shared daring, alliance and ambitions.


Supporting the riders

The AG2R CITROËN TEAM is being accompanied by a fleet of the latest Citroën vehicles. You will be able to see Citroën C5 Aircross SUV and Citroën SpaceTourer XL SUV, along with other new models, driving alongside them throughout the year.


AG2R CITROËN TEAM benefits from a brand new fleet of 26 vehicles that fully meets the team's needs in terms of on-board space, comfort, efficiency and reliability

The new fleet consist of the following vehicles : nine Citroën C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid, ten New Citroën C5 X Plug-in Hybrid and seven Citroën SpaceTourer.


Success on a sporting and human level

For over 20 years now, the training programme for Vincent Lavenu’s team has been identifying talented athletes, training them and helping them to grow and prepare for the future. It has three major objectives: the well-being of the athletes, the development of cycling, and sporting success. The programme currently comprises:

AG2R CITROËN U19 TEAM, the junior team in Voiron (Isère);

AG2R CITROËN U23 TEAM, the reserve team in Chambéry (Savoie).

Based on a unique model, the training programme means that top French and international hopefuls do not need to choose between pursuing their sport to the highest level and continuing their further education.