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Discover the world of Citroën

Its history, backstage Citroën Racing through its concept cars or international showcases Citroën opens the doors of his universe!

Our Brand

Creativity is built into Citroën's DNA. More than just a signature, Créative Technologie expresses the promises conveyed by Citroën.


Visit Citroën's features, reviews, and news section for the latest and best commentary and analysis of the car industry. Content exclusive to Citroën - get the insider track!

Citroën Showcases

In Paris, Shanghai and São Paulo, Citroën is showcasing its expertise in exceptional buildings, dedicated to C line or DS line vehicles.

Concept Cars

GTbyCitroën, Cactus, Citroën Lacoste, Survolt, Tubik, Numéro 9 and more… Far more than just exercises in style, these concept cars reflect our ambition and imagination.


At Citroën, we design technology with people in mind. Our aim is always to add value, making driving a Citroën as safe, pleasurable and sustainable as possible.

Citroën Motorsport

Citroën launches a new challenge with C3 WRC


We believe everyone should be able to get around in comfort while minimising their costs and impact on the environment.