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Citroën Wild Rubis


A jewel in the DS crown

This unique and captivating take on the SUV is a subtle mix of power and sophistication. A strong, bold statement that continues the story of the DS line, Wild Rubis is as wild and rebellious as it is refined and sophisticated. 

We took great care with every detail of the Wild Rubis. A worthy heir to the 1955 DS, it also reflects the sophistication of today's DS line. All the distinctive traits of the DS line are concentrated in this concept car, including its:

  • chrome side signature
  • multitude of sculptured details in the metal
  • front and back light signatures
  • premium materials and craftmanship, such as the guilloche pattern on the wheels
Citroën Wild Rubis concept car - Essentials of the DS

French-style luxury

Citroën Wild Rubis concept car - French-style luxury

Designed in Paris, the world's fashion and jewellery capital, the Wild Rubis concept car blends the powerful lines of an SUV with the sophistication of the DS line. It's a captivating mix of wild and rebellious, yet refined and sophisticated. Its power is balanced by its shapely profile and stunning detail.

Full hybrid plug-in technology

The full hybrid plug-in technology of the Wild Rubis is in line with our environmental focus. The drivetrain has a 225 bhp 1.6 THP petrol internal combustion engine with a 70 hp electric motor on the back axle. This electric motor is powered by lithium-ion batteries that you can charge from a domestic socket.

Citroën Wild Rubis concept car -  Full-hybrid plug-in technology