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Citroën Tubik


Giving new meaning to travel

Today, journey time is more important than distance. So we've designed this unique Tubik concept car to make travel itself inspiring again.

Styling with a nod to history

Taking inspiration from our renowned Type H, fondly known as the Tub, we gave the Tubik distinctive, offbeat styling, with colours and materials that meet the highest standards in sophistication and comfort.
Sporting a similar body shape to its illustrious predecessor (2.08m wide, 2.05m tall, 4.80m long), the Tubik can carry up to nine passengers.

Citroën Tubik concept car - Styling with a nod to history...

Open to the world

Citroën Tubik concept car - … Open to the world

With its simple but stunning exterior, the large one-way panoramic window to the living area is barely visible from the outside.
The driver’s door is rear opening while the side door runs in a circle to free up the entire side of the vehicle.


When you get behind the wheel of the Tubik, you enter a high-tech world designed around the ideal driving position. We use a system that we call the cyclotron to group the seat, pedal assembly, steering wheel and circular head-up display in one circular sweep. 

Citroën Tubik concept car - Créative…

Citroën Tubik concept car - … Technologie

The Tubik uses fingerprint recognition technology to recognise you as the driver. You'll have everything you need to navigate right where you need it - on the head-up display and on the screen right in the middle of the steering wheel.
You can even see what’s happening behind your vehicle, as a screen shows the pictures from the reversing and rearview cameras.

The Tubik keeps its CO₂ emission levels close to those of a conventional saloon with its clever Hybrid4 technology. The full-hybrid diesel drivetrain increases vehicle range and maximises traction with its four-wheel drive mode.

Citroën Tubik concept car- Hybrid4 technology

The Tubik is fitted with 22-inch wheels and tall, narrow tyres with very low rolling resistance to help it optimise fuel consumption.

Citroën Tubik concept car - 22-inch wheels

The hydractive suspension of the Tubik gives it a constant level of clearance. At high speeds, the car is automatically lowered for better aerodynamic performance and lower fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.

Citroën Tubik concept car - Hydractive suspension