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Citroën Survolt


Glamorous, free-spirited and dynamic

Survolt has its own unique style, mixing high-fashion glamour and extravagance with the dynamic thrills of motorsports. The full-electric drivetrain adds an extra bold touch.

Bold colours

Citroën Survolt concept car - Bold colours

The Survolt features two-tone paintwork in shades of fuchsia and charcoal grey. Its curves shift from satin-smooth to shiny, flouting the classic masculine codes of the sports world. 

Styling contrasts

Citroën Survolt concept car - Contrasts in styling

The compact Survolt takes sports car styling cues and gives them an individual twist.


Low-slung and sleek, the Survolt features strong contrasts between the voluptuous bonnet and sculpted flanks, highlighted by emphatic wheel arches that promise performance and thrills.

A strong personality

Slim, horizontal head lamps, inspired by high-performance sports coupés, exert a magnetic appeal, while an LED light signature adds a contemporary, high-tech touch.

The back of the Survolt features the elegant light signature of Revolte plus a stylish spoiler, a key feature in the motor-sports world.

Citroën Survolt concept car - A strong personality

A sophisticated, sporty interior

The Survolt combines elegent luxury with a dynamic, sporty vibe.
Citroën Survolt concept car - A high-tech environment of flowing lines

A high-tech environment

The cabin of the Survolt combines the worlds of incredible comfort and exceptional performance. This union has created a high-tech environment with a driving position that springs forward and a comfortable, sophisticated ambience. You and your passenger will love its unique style and remarkable driving experience.

Citroën Survolt concept car - A floating cell

A floating cell

The Survolt’s cockpit is designed to form a floating glass case between stunning chrome-finished roll bars. The car’s generous glazed area creates light and a sensation of space that's streets ahead of most sports cars.

Transcendent power and excitement

Citroën Survolt concept car - Transcendent power and excitement

Survolt has an all-electric drivetrain, combining sporty performance with respect for the environment. Boasting impeccable ecological credentials, this drivetrain combines driving pleasure, thrills, performance and power with the highest standards of comfort, as the car is silent.


With the Survolt, we've developed a new vision, showcasing our innovative ethos and our focus on creativity and technology.