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Citroën Revolte


Glamorous, free-spirited and dynamic

Revolte is a compact, ultra-chic city car that combines luxury with a touch of sass. Its plug-in hybrid drivetrain shows its forward-thinking credentials.

An illustrious heritage

Citroën Revolte concept car  - A heritage of transgressive styling

The modern character of the Revolte is expressed through provocative styling inspired by one of its most celebrated ancestors: the 2CV. But the Revolte doesn't simply stick to tradition. We reviewed every aspect of the legendary 2CV to create the Revolte's own distinctive, contemporary look.

Dynamic lines

With its strong lines, compact dimensions and sculpted flanks, the Revolte flouts the well-known rules of the luxury world. Its contemporary styling is closer to an executive vehicle. Low-set, sitting squarely on its four wheels, the Revolte makes light work of urban driving and gives a lively, responsive performance.

Citroën Revolte concept car  - Dynamic lines

Bold styling

Citroën Revolte concept car  - Bold styling

The Revolte concept car shuns conventional car styling. Its distinctive design features strongly marked wheel arches, a curving bonnet and sculpted flanks for a dynamic, powerful look. Its bodywork is strikingly different too - an intense, radiant violet.

A luxurious cabin

Citroën Revolte concept car  - 3-seater lounge

A three-seater lounge

The Revolte has a unique design for this type of vehicle, with original and distinctive features.
It boasts a three-seater cabin design, designed to resemble a living room with the kind of seats and comfort normally found in home furnishings.

Citroën Revolte concept car  - Meridian sofa

A meridian sofa

The passenger area includes a contemporary meridian sofa with flowing lines that cover the entire back of the car. It also covers the space usually reserved for the front passenger - and the person sitting there can stretch out their legs and enjoy the cosy, luxurious ambience.

Bold colours and materials

Citroën Revolte concept car  - Bold colours and materials

The rear-hinged doors of the Revolte make it really easy to access the cabin, which has a multicoloured interior that resembles a make-up case, crafted from:

  • woven black leather
  • thick crimson velvet
  • gleaming aluminium

Conventional materials and colours are out for the Revolte - its interior has a bold but luxurious feel.


Innovative technologies combine with luxury for the finely crafted Revolte concept car.
Citroën Revolte concept car  - Touch screen

Crystal-studded touch screen

The touch screen of the Revolte is encased in gleaming crystals. The superbly crafted deep-red crystals literally project the touchscreen into the cabin, while recycling the air onboard.

Citroën Revolte concept car  - Rear bench

Back seat

Chic and elegant, the back seat of the Revolte isn't just gorgeously styled - it also holds the car’s electric batteries.

Citroën Revolte concept car  - Bonnet

Innovative bonnet function

The bonnet of the car is covered in photovoltaic (solar) cells that supply the energy for the onboard comfort functions, including when the car's stopped. This means it doesn't need to draw on the electric batteries.

Citroën Revolte concept car - Glass form

Original glass form

The front of the car boasts an eye-catching curved glass shape underlining the grille. The glass is translucent and backlit, emphasising the chevrons.

Modern characteristics

The contemporary, sophisticated character of the Revolte is also reflected in its plug-in hybrid powertrain, with:

  • a small-capacity conventional combustion engine combined with an electric motor
  • the ability to run in all-electric ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode, without any CO₂ emissions
  • a battery charging function that supplies the electric motor
Citroën Revolte concept car - A modern characteristics