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Citroën Numéro 9


An innovative extension of the DS line

Concept car Numéro 9 is a new approach to executive vehicles, an innovative extension to the sophisticated DS line. It blends radical choices in design with unique, immediately recognisable styling and a premium finish.

Bold design

Numéro 9 is a new take on a prestigious body style from automotive history: the shooting brake.
Subtly combining the proportions of a coupé with those of an estate, Numéro 9 hints at an exceptional drive with its:

  • taut lines
  • long bonnet 
  • ultra-low stance (1.27m tall)
  • 21-inch wheels
Citroën Numéro 9 concept car - Bold design

A new chapter

Citroën Numéro 9 concept car - A new chapter

Exceptional care went into every detail of Numéro 9, which continues the heritage of the DS line with its sophisticated style. Designed in Paris, the capital of fashion, Numéro 9 opens a new chapter in the styling of the DS. Features include:

  • a floating roof
  • a chrome side signature with a discreet DS badge 
  • side glazing that flows into the back window

Inspired design

Every detail of Numéro 9 was designed to contribute to its aerodynamic efficiency:

  • a back spoiler reinforcing the fastback effect
  • windscreen pillars contributing to the air flow around the cabin
  • turbine wheels with integrated fins to increase the air flow around the wheel arches, reducing turbulence and fuel consumption
Citroën Numéro 9 concept car - Inspired design

Creative technology

Citroën Numéro 9 concept car - Créative Technologie

Concept car Numéro 9 combines a petrol or diesel combustion engine with a 70 bhp electric motor on the back axle. This motor runs on lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged in just 3½ hours from a normal domestic socket.