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Citroën Metropolis


A concept car especially for China

The Citroën Metropolis is a hybrid concept car designed by our international design team in China. This stunning car is a true work of art.

Slender, powerful body lines

Citroën Metropolis concept car - Powerful, slender body lines

The Metropolis combines smooth surfaces, taut lines and sleek curves with strong features like a powerful front wing that gives the car an even more distinctive character.

Sleek curves and strong lines

The car's styling is truly spectacular. The intensity of its flowing surfaces changes with the light, revealing powerful curves and extra-fine detailing.

Citroën Metropolis concept car - Front end

Strong front end

The fine detailing of the distinctive grille and headlamps hints at the car's remarkable power.

Citroën Métropolis concept car - Profile

Stunning profile

The Metropolis is a vision of creative luxury, boasting the sophisticated sedan styling that's essential in China. 

Citroën Métropolis concept car - Rear end

Rear end

The back of the Metropolis is wide and stable but enjoys compact lines. The boomerang lights add an original finishing touch to the back view of the car.

A luxurious, expressive interior

The inside of the Metropolis is inspired by the design of fans and traditional Chinese string instruments, which are signs of culture and sophistication in China.


The creative, elegent design gives the car a welcoming, luxurious feel.

Citroën Metropolis concept car - A luxurious, expressive interior

Clever technologies

The Metropolis features a plug-in hybrid drivetrain that chooses the best operating mode at the time.
Citroën Metropolis concept car - Electric mode alone

Electric mode only

Full-electric mode is used when you start driving, in the city, at low speeds and when you decelerate. It relies on an electric motor that can raise its output from 55 bhp (40kW) to a peak of 95 bhp (70kW).

Citroën Métropolis concept car - Combustion mode alone

Combustion mode only

The combustion mode is used when you're cruising on the open road or the motorway, and the V6 2.0l (272 bhp) petrol engine performs at maximum efficiency.


The over-boost function combines the electric and combustion modes to give you extra power when you accelerate, delivering up to 460 bhp in four-wheel drive mode when you need more grip.

Driveability and responsibility

Metropolis isn't just great to drive - it's kind to the environment too. CO₂ emissions are slashed more than fivefold thanks to:

  • an optimised petrol engine
  • a seven-speed dual-clutch electronic gearbox
  • a hybrid drivetrain
  • hydractive suspension for improved aerodynamics
Citroën Metropolis concept car - Driveability and responsibility