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Citroën Hypnos


Creativity and technology

An elegant and distinctive cross-over vehicle, the Hypnos features a range of creative technologies to combine strong performance and a dynamic design with respect for the environment.

Distinctive, elegant body lines

The Hypnos has exceptional elegance and strength, with dynamic, sculpted body lines that include:

  • pronounced wheel arches
  • a tautly drawn bonnet 
  • a raised waistline

The Hypnos’ sleek looks are showcased by the deep, radiant grey of its bodywork, which shifts in intensity depending on the light.

Citroën Hypnos concept car - Distinctive, elegant body lines

Innovative architecture


Easy access

Rear-hinged doors make access really easy, while the cargo tailgate at the back gives unrestricted access to the boot. These opening panels don't just look great - they add to the car’s functionality, underlining its capability for long-distance travel.

Citroën Hypnos concept car - Cabin

Comfortable cabin

You and your passengers can enjoy a relaxing massage on the go. The seats are made up of prism-shaped parts that can be inflated and deflated for upper and lower back massages. 

A creative interior

Citroën Hypnos concept car - A creative interior

The striking rainbow hues of the interior make a dramatic contrast with the deep grey bodywork. The sophisticated cabin uses premium materials like leather and brushed aluminium, for exceptional comfort and luxury. 

An exceptional drive

Citroën Hypnos concept car - Boost function

Boost function

If you keep a foot on the accelerator pedal, the boost function kicks in to combine the torque from the combustion engine and the electric motor. The Hypnos can then accelerate from 0 to 100kph in 9.4 seconds and travel 1km from a standing start in 31 seconds.

Citroën Hypnos concept car - Hydraulic suspension

Hydraulic suspension

The Hypnos features third-generation hydraulic suspension, which gives you excellent comfort and a first-class drive.

Citroën Hypnos concept car - 4x4


When you need better grip or strong handling, the car switches to four-wheel drive mode using the electric motor at the back. This improves traction and gives you excellent grip no matter what.

Diesel hybrid technology

The intelligent design of the Hypnos combines a 2l HDi DPFS diesel engine developing 200 bhp with a six-speed electronic gearbox system and an electric motor developing 50 bhp on the rear axle.
Citroën Hypnos concept car - Zero Emission Vehicle

Zero Emission Vehicle

This diesel hybrid technology helps the Hypnos to respect the environment. It's particularly eco-friendly when you're driving in the city using the all-electric ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode.

Citroën Hypnos concept car - Stop&Start

Stop & Start

The Hypnos also features high-powered Stop & Start technology that cuts out the engine in traffic jams or when the car stops, to give a consumption of 4.5l/100km over a combined cycle with CO₂ emissions of 120g/km.