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Citroën Cactus


Shifting the paradigm

Simple to Love… Pure, functional styling
Simple to Live… Bold design and intuitive technologies
Simple to Share… User-friendly cabin and a connected driving interface

Purity of design

We only kept the essentials, optimising the design of the Cactus to reach natural perfection.
Every part of the Cactus is designed with efficiency in mind, using advanced technology and finished to the highest standards. It’s easily recognisable, with:

  • pure, smooth surfaces in pearlescent white 
  • flowing lines with no hard edges
  • a floating quarterlight and roof
 Citroën Cactus concept car - Pure styling

Functional styling

Citroën Cactus concept car - Functional styling

The Cactus combines impressive style with practical functionality. Our designers ignored the rules of conventional car design and explored ingenious solutions for functions and features drivers will love.
Each design feature has a practical function:

  • The Lama grey Airbumps® and textured black wheel arches provide protection from scratches and bumps
  • The lacquered black roof arches look great and are essential for carrying extra loads
  • The large panoramic roof lets loads of light into the car

Ingenious design

The inside of the Citroën Cactus is designed for comfort, with space freed up for both the driver and passengers. We decluttered the interior to give everyone more space for a beautifully relaxed and comfortable journey.

Citroën Cactus concept car - Slim dashboard

Slim dashboard

The slim, floating dashboard leaves the floor completely free. The upper part features a roomy, easily accessible storage compartment for the front passenger. We did this by using a 100% digital interface and by optimising the design of the driving position.

Citroën Cactus concept car -

Sofa-style seats

The front seats also benefit from this new approach, with a sofa-style design that's extra comfortable.

Citroën Cactus concept car - Glazed panoramic roof

Panoramic glazed roof

The panoramic roof also contributes to comfort. Specially treated to let in the light but not the heat, it has properties similar to category-four sunglasses to protect passengers from UV rays. 

User-friendly technologies

The technologies used by the Citroën Cactus are squarely focused on modern motorists' needs, so it's:

  • easy to use
  • economical and ecological to drive 
  • accessible and well-connected

The 8 inch Touch Drive interface is a perfect example, with all the functions clearly displayed in the centre of the dashboard. The new Hybrid Air drivetrain, which combines compressed air and hydraulics with a petrol engine from the PureTech family, is also part of this approach.

Citroën Cactus concept cars - User-friendly technologies