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DS 4

DS4’s innovation always comes first. Like every car in the DS line, the new DS4 starts with a spark of innovation. Uniquely non-conformist, it mixes urban presence with coupé grace, and luxurious quality with smart flexibility.


Key features

  • A unique silhouette
  • An exclusive light signature
  • Exceptionally refined
  • Personalised onboard ambience
  • A unique feel for the road
  • Top-grade safety

A Unique Silhouette

The sculpted silhouette features raised, unadorned rear doors and clean lines - Citroën DS4's original layout is appealing and unique in its class.


From every angle, Citroën DS4 looks great - it has been designed to inspire an emotional response. The stunning blend of convex and concave lines gives Citroën DS4 a strong personality.

The raised rear is imposing and robust, a strong contrast with the sleek and sporty front. On the flanks, the glazed sides meld seamlessy into the stretched lines of the body. Citroën DS4 is not burning up the tracks, it is reinventing them.

A refined interior


Citroën DS4's interior layout meets the highest standards. The refinement of each element and the quality of carefully selected materials has created an air of pure elegance.


All the elements of the passenger compartment are practical but still stylish and comfortable: sophisticated graphics, the best quality materials and a harmony of shapes and colours. The customisable interior means you can create your own ambience.


As soon as you enter the car, the combination of style and practicality makes a strong first impression. From the smooth chrome of the gear lever to the full grain leather of the seats with a design inspired by a classic watch strap, it is a car that you will want to drive.

Surprisingly versatile

Compactness And Roominess

Rear Seat Access


Storage Space

Citroën DS4 is 4.27m long and 1.53m high - undeniably, a compact car. But it keeps a challenging promise: to introduce real space and practicality into the dynamic, exclusive silhouette. The promise is fulfilled with a large boot, easy access via generous doors and plenty of innovative storage solutions.

Citroën DS4 is a dynamic car that can satisfy multiple needs - as well as being a pleasure to drive, it has the space to carry multiple passengers and luggage in comfort and style.


With Citroën DS4, we have not had to choose between style and space. To make it easy to access the three rear seats, something that can be an issue in cars with dynamic silhouettes, Citroën DS4 has unadorned rear doors that are integrated into the body design. The handles are discreetly incorporated into the door frame.

The front doors are smaller and lighter, offering easy access to the front seats. With this equipment, Citroën DS4 meets the challenge of combining creativity, dynamism and practicality in a stunning coupé shape.


Citroën DS4's passenger compartment will provide all the space you and your passengers need. The same applies to its boot with a capacity of 370 litres, making it comparable to a standard saloon car.


Citroën DS4 also offers multiple storage spaces to make life on board easier. There is a large glove box with lighting, generous front door troughs and a useful drawer under the front passenger seat.


Total onboard comfort

Visibility And Luminosity

  • Citroën DS4 offers a new driving experience thanks to a driver-oriented layout. The panoramic windscreen and high driving position providing optimum visibility for greater safety while offering breathtaking views for the passengers.
  • Citroën DS4's windscreen bathes the passenger compartment in a luminosity that enhances every colour and every material in its high quality interior. For privacy or a softer ambience, Citroën DS4 is fitted with individual blinds that include folding sun blinds.

Acoustic comfort


The on-board acoustics have been developed with passenger comfort in mind. Here, Citroën DS4 sets the standard:

  • a windscreen with an integral damper, 
  • noise absorbers in the engine compartment and 
  • sealing barriers on the body and doors.

The soundproofing for the engine, the sleek aerodynamics and the comfort-oriented suspension combine to guarantee a velvet onboard ambience.

Top-class road manners

Citroën DS4's road holding ability reflects the agile, stable impression provided by its silhouette. The suspension is dynamic so that you are in touch with the wheels - while still offering supreme passenger comfort. It's a driving experience that is a real invitation to escape.

Citroën DS4 offers a strong sense of being glued to the road, providing you with a feeling of safety in every situation. It has a proven suspension system which has been especially adjusted to offer uncompromised agility.


Top-grade safety equipment


Citroën DS4's road holding ability is just part of the car's commitment to safety under all conditions. Standard safety features include systems dedicated to braking control (electronic brake force distribution and emergency braking aid) and keeping on course (ABS and ESP). These measures provide optimum vehicle control even in the most difficult driving conditions.

It also has intelligent traction control as standard. This world-exclusive system makes driving on slippery surfaces safer - Citroën DS4's movement will be surer on snowy, icy or wet surfaces.

Everyday driving pleasure

When you are on board Citroën DS4, you have the experience of travelling first class with the equipment designed for your wellbeing

Massaging seats


The Citroën DS 4 is fitted with massaging front seats with electric lumbar settings.

Sound system


Sound system with audio processing software that allows the sound to be space-conditioned.

Personalised ambience


You can select the on-board ambience that suits you: four ranges of polyphonic sounds for the alarms and warnings, three intensity levels for the air conditioning flow rate and a colour chart ranging from white to blue for the driver's controls.

Cruise control/speed limiter


The programmable cruise control allows you to record speed settings when the car is stationary and they can be selected for use throughout your journey over different speed limits.

A relaxing drive

Static cornering lighting


For a truly serene experience, Citroën has installed Créative Technologie innovations in Citroën DS4. To increase visibility when cornering, Citroën DS4 has front fog lamps with static intersection lighting to provides an additional beam of light.

Blind spot monitoring system


Another innovation is the blind spot monitoring system. This equipment works on the same principle as reversing sensors and indicates the presence of the blind spot monitoring system by a pictogram in the door mirrors.

DS 4
From R291,900 ?